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TL2 Short Action x
TL2 Short Action
SR2 Short Action
SR2 Short Action


We have had several variations to our actions over the years and now have come out with our 2nd generation of the actions. The TL2 replaces the older Tactical action. The TL2 is a very stiff action which has a closed top for stiffness. This makes an ejection port that does not allow for top loading, thus it must be fed from detachable AI magazines.  All actions come standard with robust 8-40 threaded holes for attaching scope bases or one of our Picatinny rails.   It also has a thick tang for stiffness that does set proud of most stocks. We have given up some on aesthetics here to have a stiff action. A trim tang may be requested if a person desires it. The built in .250 recoil lug gives a much longer barrel tennon and consequently more barrel engagement with the action for a sturdier connection. We feel this aids in accuracy when trying to support heavier barrels.

Our SR2 replaces the older Sporter action. It was created as a lighter weight action for the hunting crowd. It features a trim tang that blends nicely with most stocks, an open port that allows top feeding into an ADL or BDL type of bottom metal. The feed rails are cut into the action so it must be specified as to caliber .223 / .308 / WSM. 

Both actions are available in a short action or long action version. We do not as of yet, as of yet, have an action for the 338 Lapua Mag.  Both the TL2 and SR2 have an integral recoil lug in the proper location for a true drop in fit to most stocks out there.  The new bolt handles are no longer tig welded onto the shaft but instead one solid piece for great strength. The new bolt design also allows for shorter handles that fit into scabbards for the horse back hunters. Both models still come with our floating bolt heads in your choice of small (223), standard (308), or magnum size.

Thick Tang Rear x

Note that the rear tang protrudes above the stockline in a McMillan stock with the Tactical Action